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1. Where do I start?
Starting Out is where you begin. The intro class is offered 9 times a year. Preregistration is suggested. Simply call, mail, fax or email your payment.
2. What classes should I take next?
The core curriculum classes are the foundation of our voice acting program. Start with Stepping Out for the commercial and narration tracks and Creating Characters for the character track.
3. What if I'm only interested in narration or characters?
Start with the core classes in your area of interest then branch out into Further Study. Everyone should, however, attend the By The Book class to solidify your voice-over technique.
4. Do I really need to take the By the Book class if I've read Elaine Clark's book, There's Money Where Your Mouth Is?
Absolutely! Elaine uses her 30 years of experience to guide you through the process of trusting the techniques expressed in the book by getting them out of your head and into your body. She'll also share a lot more performance tricks that aren't in the book!
5. How important are the business and marketing classes
No matter how wildly talented you are, if no one knows you exist or you don't know the business protocol - you'll have a hard time making money. Marketing Wizardry teaches you effective marketing techniques while an agent takes you Behind The Scenes of a talent agency to reveal the dos and don'ts, financial breakdowns, and expectations of talent.
6. What is the advantage of taking the 10-week Daytime Conservatory class over the core curriculum classes?
The Daytime Conservatory is designed for students of all levels who want an overview of the business and are available during the day. Many students take this series in addition to the core curriculum classes. Others augment their learning with private lessons or attend evening or weekend classes in areas where improvement is needed. It's a fantastic way to either start or augment your training!
7. Should I take private lessons?
Private lessons start at $150/hour and are best used after attending the core curriculum or daytime conservatory classes. Personalized lessons are by appointment only. Call or email if you're interested.
8. What does it take to make a demo and when can I have one?
Demos are written, recorded and produced with music and sound effects by Elaine Clark on an individual basis in our in-house recording studio. Demo production is not considered until a student has completed the core curriculum classes, taken a private lesson to evaluate skill level, or has a current demo that needs updating.
9. I noticed you have scene study, improv and on-camera
classes. If I just want to do voice-overs, do I need to take those classes, too?
While some people only want to do voice-overs, talent agents often want to represent you on camera, too. We have classes that prepare you for stage acting, corporate industrials, film and commercials. The options are there to either deepen your acting ability or diversify your acting career.
10. I don't want to act; I just want to do voice-overs.
It's your choice whether you want to be a voice "talent" or a voice "actor." Voice One guides you through the process of becoming an actor so that you're not just talking from the neck up, but with your whole body, soul and mind. Whether you expand into other areas of acting or stick with voice-over, you'll learn ways to effectively perform. Come join us!