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Voice One offers these Commercial Classes:  
Stepping Out
By the Book
Making it M.I.N.E.™

with Sally Clawson
Step out and expand your creativity by learning foundational reading and improvisational techniques. You'll perform on mic in single & dialog spots, breathe life into words, relax, stay natural, and have fun!  
Choose one class that fits your schedule and then continue in the core curriculum commercial and narration tracks.
Jan 14 Sun 10am-1pm  
Feb 10 Sa 10am-1pm  
Mar 17 Sa 10am-1pm  
Apr 25 We 6:30pm-9:30pm  
May 20 Su 10am-1pm  
Jun 23 Sa 10am-1pm  
Aug 18 Sa 10am-1pm  
Sep 16 Su 10am-1pm  
Oct 20 Sa 10am-1pm  
Nov 11 Su 10am-1pm  
Investment $105.  
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with Elaine Clark
This is the FLAGSHIP class for ALL your VO training. Using Elaine's best selling book, There's Money Where Your Mouth Is as a text, you'll build a solid foundation of TECHNIQUES so you can take direction, sound like you're talking (rather than reading), and deliver consistently good reads.  
Session 1  
Jan 20-21 & 27-28 2 Sa/Su 10am-5pm    
Session 2  
Jun 2-3 & 9-10 2 Sa/Su 10am-5pm    
Session 3 (Summer Fast Track)  
July 14-15 & 21-22 2 Sa/Su 10am-5pm    
Session 4  
Sep 22-23 & 29-30 2 Sa/Su 10am-5pm    
Investment $640
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with David Rosenthal
This class helps you identify styles, make adjustments, and deliver different types of commercial VO: Tag, Announcer, Retail, Promo, Spokesperson, Real Person, Dialog, etc. In addition, you'll also explore timing, rhythm, voice shifts, mic placement, adding humor, and believing what you say.  
Session 1  
Feb 24-25 Sa/Su 10am-5pm  
Session 2 (Summer Fast Track)  
July 16-17 Mo/Tu 10am-5pm  
Session 3  
Oct 27-28 Sa/Su 10am-5pm  
Investment $410     *Dec 2017 session is $390
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"Thank you Elaine for a really great class this weekend. The more I reflect on it, the more I realize I learned Good Stuff... and "double" thanks for the quick casting in your industrial voice-over." Sean Kresal, Actor
with Elaine Clark
A quick approach to sounding believable makes this class a MUST ATTEND for all 3 VO tracks. Elaine shares her trademarked method for adding truth to your reads through the use of MOTIVATIONS, INTENTIONS, NEEDS and EMOTIONS. It lifts words off the page and infuses your reads with personality and perspective.
Session 1  
Mar 7-28 4 We 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Session 2 (Summer Fast Track)  
July 18-19 We/Th 10am - 5pm
Session 3  
Dec 1-2 Sa/Su 10am-5pm
Investment $410
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"I recorded 6 spots! My engineer really seemed to think I was a pro. I was very relaxed and prepared, but not overly confident, having learned from the best in the biz! Thank you so much!"
Keri Fishman, Actor
(Tonry Talent)

"The class was a ton of fun; I wished it had gone on for another weekend."
Larry Feurzeig, Actor
with Sally Clawson
Confidence, spontaneity, and taking chances are needed at auditions and jobs. Learn when to break the rules, own the copy, and heighten your performances! You'll improvise sections of the script, increase listening and response times, trust your own natural instincts, and laugh a lot!  
Session 1  
Apr 14-15 Sa/Su 10am-5pm  
Session 2 (Summer Fast Track)  
July 20 & 27 2 Fr 10am-5pm  
Session 3  
Dec 15-16 Sa/Su 10am-5pm  
Investment $410
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