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Elaine, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the ear prompter course. I especially appreciated all the extra work you gave me at our last session. I would recommend it as a good course to repeat to refresh your skills - although I am sure that is true of many of the courses.
Shelley Richardson, Actor
(Stars, The Agency)
with Elaine Clark
If you can do voice-overs, you should jump into on-camera work, too! This class will help you feel comfortable in front of a camera. You'll learn the fundamentals: slating, talking to the camera like it's a person, how to prepare for auditions, what to wear, and what's expected of you at various jobs. You'll also receive guidance on industry resources, headshots, resumes, and materials for agents and professional organizations.  
Session 1
Jan 25-Feb 1 2 Th 6:30pm-9:30pm
Session 2
Jun 12-19 2 Tu 6:30pm-9:30pm
Investment $210  
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with Sarah Kliban
  I just wanted to say once again, that working with Sarah Kliban was one of the best experiences I have ever had in an acting class.
Susannah Perri, Actor
Sarah is not only an amazing actor, she is also one of the premiere casting directors for film and television in San Francisco - Nina Henninger Casting & Diversity Casting! Don't miss this opportunity to work with a pro who understands the acting process from both sides of the camera. Be seen, get "inside the biz" info, take chances, and increase your odds of landing the part as you work on short film audition scripts.  
Mar 11
Only 3 spaces remain
Su 10am-5pm
Investment $220    
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with Michael O'Brien


Afraid you'll blank out due to nerves? Not sure whether to memorize the script or not? Auditioned with a scene partner who gave you nothing? Getting callbacks but no bookings? Want to learn how to turn a screwed up audition into a gift? Auditions are like a sport. Let this dynamic performer put you in the best spotlight to become a more versatile and confident actor.  
Jul 11 We 6:30pm-9:30pm
Investment $110  
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with Gregg Cohen
  This was a terrific class! As always, lot's of fun along with good, good advise and wisdom from Gregg.  Could she be any cooler?  Really- there should be a law.
Trish Gregovich, Actor

Get a quick three-hour auditioning hit from this very busy freelance casting director. She'll direct and guide you through several improvised scenes and short scripts. Jump in front of the camera and let her show you how to take direction quickly, be confident, accepting, and make necessary performance adjustments.  
Sep 8 Sa 2pm-5pm  
Investment $110  
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