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Wanted: voice over talent

If careers in voice overs are something you have always wanted, voice over talent training is the answer. There is more opportunity than ever before for voice artists as new forms of media, such as interactive devices and video games, develop. As they are becoming more wanted, voice over talent needs to be equipped with the skills to successfully complete in a wide range of project areas. Pure talent and a bit of technical know-how is no longer enough to build sustainable careers in voice overs. Specialized training from Voice One provides voiceover talent with the skills they need to thrive in the modern marketplace.

Information on becoming a profesional voice-over actor

For more information on becoming a profesional voice-over artist, contact Voice One today. [415.974.1103 or] You will get a detailed explanation of what makes the training at Voice One superior to other programs and an overview of the state of the art equipment available in our studio. If you decide that this is the right career for you, then the information on becoming a profesional voice-over artist you receive from Voice One will be key to establishing a successful career.

Support for voiceover talent

The program we offer includes important support information for voiceover talent on marketing and the business of voice artistry. For example, included in the program is a three hour session with a talent agent. This seminar affords students an opportunity to learn tips and tricks that are normally only gained through experience and making mistakes. Marketing training will help students to do more than just find jobs. It will teach students to create a brand around them and their services which will lead to a long and successful career.

Contact Voice One today to explore your future in the voice artistry field.