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Voice over classes are the beginning

For anyone seriously wishing to pursue voice acting as a career, voice over classes are an obvious start. Unfortunately, at many institutions that is also the end of the training voiceover students receive. At Voice One, however, students find a full range of professional services. Training, voice coaches, acting classes, recording services and more are at the disposal of students so that they may fully explore their range of talents. Voice over classes are a necessity, of course, but they really do not prepare students for the full range of opportunities available. By training the voice artist to be an actor and not merely an announcer, Voice One prepares students to work in careers in voice over fields such as animation and video games as well as making them better announcers and spokespersons. From improv classes to on camera training, students are able to gain valuable experience that other programs simply do not offer.

Professional services: training, voice coaches and more

Students begin with the study of a core curriculum, just like the typical degree program at a traditional university. This teaches the essential skills for booking and keeping jobs. It also prepares students for recording their demo. After the essentials are studied, students choose from at least one of three concentrations: narration, commercial or characters. Students will be able to take advantage of the institution's other professional services. Training, voice coaches, a thirty-seat theater and a full recording studio complete with a 65 square foot booth are available for students, continuing education and client projects. The opportunities and experience gained through a Voice One education will serve students for years to come as they practice their craft.