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Learn how to land voiceover jobs

Voice One's training takes students out of the sound booth to explore other skills necessary in voice over careers. In addition to course work that helps develop voiceover talent, acting, on-camera and improv skills, there are seminars that emphasize the business side of careers in voice overs and acting. "Behind The Scenes" is a seminar that puts students in front of a talent agent to learn the things that agents normally expect actors to know. This is an opportunity to hear from an insider the details on how the typical agency is run, union rules, etiquette and other details that are only learned with experience (and a few mistakes). Knowledge like this helps students to act in a professional, competent manner that will help land the first few voiceover and acting jobs.

Establishing voice over careers

Of course, a few jobs will not necessarily guarantee a career. Voice actors need to know how to market themselves properly to continue to find work. "Marketing Wizardry" teaches students how to do just that. Students learn how to find voiceover jobs and how to present themselves to the marketplace. Proper marketing is more than just a good demo CD and searching the want ads! The skills presented in "Marketing Wizardry" are the foundation upon which successful voice over careers are built. A solid and well thought out marketing plan will help lead to a career where the jobs are brought to the actor.

This attention to the business and marketing aspects of a voice artistry career is only one of the ways that Voice One training is different, and superior to, other programs. Contact Voice One today and explore how our unique program can help you start your career as a voice actor.