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Complete training: voiceover, drama and improv

Voice One is a unique combination of both a voiceover school and acting school. The goal is to offer students a comprehensive course of voice over training and study instead of narrow single subject training. Voiceover, drama and improv courses are all available from a single source and are designed to complement each other. Voice One students find themselves not only doing television or radio commercials but also voicing animated characters, working in video games, acting on screen, and many other careers in voice overs. We offer corporate training as well. Voiceover skills may not seem useful in the corporate world, but Voice One can help anyone become a more dynamic and effective speaker. There are even improv seminars offered that provide a fun alternative to the standard team building exercises. From drama lessons on voice and articulation to corporate training, we are the source for voice and acting training.

Drama lessons on voice and articulation

Of course anyone offering voiceover instruction would include course work on the voice and proper articulation. At Voice One, however, these are not the same dry courses found elsewhere. Instead, students are taught in the style of an acting class. By taking drama lessons on voice and articulation, students learn to use their voice as their instrument rather then merely reading the copy placed in front of them. Often, this opens up new career avenues as students realize that there are many opportunities besides voiceover narration and on air announcing including:

  • Video game characters
  • Animation
  • Interactive learning devices
  • Live event announcing

Our unique approach is designed to help students and creative professionals become capable of handling a wide variety of work. This is the type of training that anyone entering today's competitive marketplace needs.