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Voiceovers, voice over talent and recording

Not only are we the premier learning institution for voice over careers and the art of voiceovers, voice over talent can even be hired and projects recorded and edited in our state of the art facilities. We have cast for film, video games, commercials, several English translations of anime series and other projects that have launched careers in voice overs! Clients have grown to depend on us because not only can we produce and record voiceovers, but because voice over talent is never hard to find through our database of students, graduates and associates of the studio. Check out:

Commercial voice over service

We have a state of the art recording studio featuring a sixty five square foot sound booth and full library of music and sound effects available. Commercial voice over service is able to take advantage not only of this technology but also the incredible depth of talent surrounding the institution. Recording is overseen by talented professionals with years of experience such as owner Elaine Clark. Few recording studios in the country can match this combination of talent and resources. Our commercial voice over service has been used by museums, animation studios and even by Amy Tan reading her book, "The Opposite of Fate."

Professional voice recording services

Voice actors and producers can take advantage of the professional voice recording services that start at $125 an hour. And, for as little as $50 an hour, actors are given access to the studio's reproduction equipment to copy their own projects and demos. With the experience and library of sound and music available, it is easy and convenient to produce a top notch demo CD that will get you noticed.

From professional voice recording services to casting and producing voice projects, we are your one stop source. The unique combination of equipment, experience and incredible talent pool places us in a league of our own.