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Finding voice over jobs

There is more to a career in voice work then just finding a few voice over jobs. We have a unique instructional program that does not merely train students in how to use equipment and read copy. It is designed to provide the student with additional professional voice recording skills in everything from improv techniques to marketing. This education will give students the skills necessary for careers in voice overs and more.

Careers in voice overs

There are more opportunities than ever before to find voice over jobs. Today's rapidly expanding electronic media have created many new opportunities including:

  • Video game characters
  • Audio book presenters
  • Website video narration
  • Interactive technology narration
  • Closed circuit programming
  • Phone system narration

Careers in voice overs are out there for those who are prepared. Being prepared means more than just having great articulation, a unique sound and a bit of technical knowledge. You need to have real skills and experience for a career in these fields. We teach students the real skills they need to build successful careers.

Voice actors' career building skills

This training is designed to produce successful voice actors. Career building skills are an important part of this training. For example, there is a seminar presented entitled "Behind the Scenes" that allows students to spend three hours with a talent agent. During this time the inner workings of talent agencies, union rules, industry etiquette and other "insider" knowledge is discussed. For serious voice actors, career advice like this is usually hard to find.

We are dedicated to providing our students with the best and most thorough education possible in the field of voice acting. Contact us immediately to begin your training in this exciting career field. or 415.974.1103.